We use the highest quality Worm Castings Fortified with
Top Quality Bat Guano, Oyster Shell, Bio Life plus 9 other Organic compounds all plants thrive on
 Always Fresh Teeming with Bio Logical diversity

Simple and easy to use Brew the tea 48 hrs or longer 
Use one cup of brewed tea every 7 days
Big Grow and Sweet Bloom Formula 
That's It!



Micro organisms are vital for exceptional success, aerobic microbes found in nature

 provide nutrient cycling, balanced and self regulating, whole system solutions providing efficiency

 intensifying performance designing elements of surprise

Bio Logical growing methods go beyond organic gardening alone, dynamic symbiotic relationships of micro organisms, mycorrhizae fungi and the roots supercharge the plants  vascular  system 

 resulting in vastly amplifying root bio mass growth. Exploding bio-diversity expedites water nutrient uptake magnifying over all health and capacity of every plant.

 Sweet Perfume     Enticing  Flavor    Heavy Yields


A better easier way to grow organic super sweet

Our Bio-Logical application is always 100% chemical free

What you chose to feed your plants matters 

Grow with Clean True Living Organics

Grow Micro Organisms

Grow The best  Possible Outcome 

Next Level

Simple instructions Included with your kit

One or more Approx  3 pound Next Level Tea Bags  plus

One Whisper Quite 10 gal rated Air Pump

 providing life giving oxygen for massive microbial counts to thrive and multiply

One air diffuser  6 ft of plastic tubing

Plus Our Exclusive

LIQUID FORCE Microbial Jump Start Mix

Loaded with High Grade Ultra Fine Endo Mycorrhizae Fungi spores

Organic Blackstrap Molasses   

North Sea Seaweed extract

and other organic elements all plants thrive on

It's Alive No Odor

Nature  Provides the Perfect Solution

Balance Potential Biologically

Get a 5 gal bucket   Plug in the Air Pump  add pure water

Turning Simplicity Into Perfect Design

Get Some   Grab'N Go


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Especially effective for High Altitude exotic plants

from the Hindu Kush Mountains to Northern India

The pH is sweet coming in @ 6.5 alkaline

We do offer acid loving tea kits too 

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