Myco-rhizae literally means "fungus-root" and discribes the mutually benefical relationship between the plant and root fungus.  These specialized fungi colonize plant roots in a symbiotic manner and extend far into the grow medium.  Mycorrhizal fungal filaments are truly extentions of the root systems and are more effective in nutrient and water absortion than the root themselves. More than 95 percent of plant species have formed a symbiotic relationship over the past several hundred million years these fungi predate the evolution of terrestrial plants and it was this partnership that allowed plants to colonize dry land and create life as we know it.  

The mycorrhizal symbiotic relationship centers on the plant's ability to produce carbohydrates through photosynthiesis and share's some of these sugars with the fungus. In return otherwise unavailable water and nutrients that are sourced from the grow media by the extensive network of mycelial hyphae produced by the fungi producing the best possible outcome, is a win-win-win, the plant, fungi the farmer.

It's sharing resources between three species the endo-mycorrhizae fungi rely on the plant, and the plant performance and survival are greatly enhanced by the fungus, the farmer.

Their are many types and grades of Mycorrhizae on the market.

Some good others not so much.    

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