Worm Tea Benefits

Potent aerobic worm tea is the elixir creating the optimal conditions for nature to

do the heavy lifting to help you grow thriving heavy yielding plants.

Next Level worm tea provides trillions of good microbes all plants need.

You will not see these in synthetic liquid fertilizers.

Nothing beats mother nature, stop using mystery stuff that comes in air-tight plastic bottles. 


It's been said that their is more microbial life in a handful of healthy soil than the number of every human that has ever lived on planet earth

Studies have proved that using worm tea not only improves the soil for the short term

but year after year as well.  The reason being is after a few applications valuable microbes grow exponentially crowding out harmful microbes

When Next Level is sprayed on plants the microbes attach to the leaf and out compete the nasty disease causing microbes like black rot, powdery mildew, early blight etc. and also become food for the leaf.

 And if that wasn't enough Next level Worm Tea acts as a natural insect repellent.

The worm tea contains micro organisms which produce Chitanase, 

a digestive enzyme that breaks down the exo-skeletons of a wide array of insects,

such as aphids, white fly, cutworms, caterpillars etc.

We recommend a foliar spray for max benefits.  Lawns, Shrubs, Trees, Larger garden area etc.

Your worm tea volume will last longer plus you cannot match these type of benefits

1 to 5 gallon pump sprayer works perfect